Your fairy called…she wants a raise!

by Step on August 17, 2011

I’ve lost track of the number of things that get measured during the first few years of a kid’s life. In addition to the height and weight stuff, there is a new battery of questions that must be answered at each checkup. “How’s his pincer grip?” “Is he cruising?” “How many words can he say?” “Can he draw a circle?” Having been asked these sort of things so much, it’s embarrassing how quickly we forget the quality of a child’s health extends beyond a single dimension.

Lately our oldest daughter has been conducting experiments to prove the existence of fairies. She’ll leave bits of snacks or tiny beds she makes for them on her bookshelf. She is desperate to believe they’re real so the slightest disturbance in the positioning of the bed or snack is taken as definitive proof that a fairy happened by. Given that our labrador’s scratching is enough to shake everything in our hundred-year-old house, she’s yet to have an experiment end inconclusively.

This is not good.

It’s a cold, hard world out there. If I don’t prepare my daughter for the realities of life, who will? And yet, what could be more tragic than a child who’s lost their sense of wonder? Isn’t the ideal to foster my daughter’s imagination and her ability to interact with the rest of the world?

Child-rearing is not the only situation in which we encounter this dynamic. In his bestseller “Built To Last”, author Jim Collins says the most successful businesses are those that embrace the “genius of the AND”. Rather than view their work as a responsibility to produce a profit or accomplish some other good in the world, the leaders of great businesses believe they can accomplish both profitability and more.

How does one accomplish such a trick? Surprisingly, the answer comes from those dreamers of fairies! It just so happens, what makes for a good story, makes for a good business. The principles of story design provide a framework that will make a business both profitable and meaningful. To learn how to harness the power of story in your business, join me August 23rd for The Work Story Premise.

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