The Secret To Finding The Right Employees

by Step on September 13, 2011

The quick-service restaurant operator, the walk-up pizza place guy and the manager of the snack food shop are all wrestling with the same question. “How do I find the right employees?” Answering the question through endless trial and error threatens to take the fun out of their work.

There’s very little middle ground in the practice of selecting employees. Get it right and the results are very satisfying. Get it wrong and everyone in the business quickly becomes miserable.

Like any other practice, discerning a person’s potential fit is a skill that can be developed over time. That being the case, why do so many employers struggle in this area?

It isn’t an issue of failing to adequately assess a candidate’s abilities. The constraints that must be satisfied are obvious. Is the candidate available during the hours they are needed? Do they have the necessary physical ability? Do they possess sufficient mental capacity for the types of problems they will have to solve?

We even do a fair job assessing a candidate’s relational ability. A five minute interaction is enough to determine whether a candidate is adept at the social skills the work requires.

Employers get stuck in the trial and error cycle when they fail to identify a potential employee’s motivation. Chances are they don’t hop out of bed each day fired up to make you more profitable. What do they value so highly they’ll never get enough?

Making progress in work that matters, is a built-in reward for the right kind of employee. If you want to get better at finding them, answer a different question.

What does employment in your organization offer beyond a paycheck?

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