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The Essence of Effectiveness

by Step on March 2, 2012

Sarah Clarkson is a freelance writer who spent time studying literature in Oxford. She tells the story of stumbling into a group of village bell-ringers just as they set about their work. On the wall of the tiny room inside their bell tower, hung this prayer:

“Gracious Lord, source of all skill and beauty, who has
entrusted to us the ringing of your bells, give to us the
needful skill and grace for the faithful performing of
our art, that the sound of the bells may awaken in the
hearts of all who hear them the desire to worship you
in spirit and in truth: through Jesus Christ our Lord.

To be effective in our work, we must relentlessly focus on those few areas where our contribution makes the biggest difference. This consistent contribution of focused work is in essence the practice of a craft. It is through craft we have to ability to produce art.  Therefore the prayer of all of us who labor, should be that of the bell-ringer.

As you exercise your skills at work each day, what is your art?

May you find needful skill and grace for the faithful performance of that art today.

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