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Life, Business, and A New Chicken Sandwich

by Step on May 9, 2012

Few things are better than sharing good food with people you love.

Food is one of the handful of things we must have to sustain our lives. And yet, not all food is the same.  Just because a particular food can be eaten to sustain life does not mean eating the food will be enjoyable.  A grub worm is not a steak.

We spend our days in a struggle not only to sustain life but enjoy it as well.

This is the purpose of business.

Sustaining life takes work. Helping life flourish requires even more.  There are two basic ways to get the work done:

We can help ourselves.  Each of us can focus on our own needs and do all the work necessary to meet those needs. If all of us do this, we’ll have the same kind of work and more or less the same quality of life.  For most of us, though, this would be a pretty low quality life.  Not many people are good at everything.


We can help one another.  Each of us can focus on meeting one type of need and spend our energy learning to do that work well. Some people produce exceptional food, others make really great clothing.

Limiting our efforts to a few types of work allows us to produce far more of our product than we personally need and at a much higher quality than the average person would be able to reproduce. We sell or barter our excess in exchange for goods produced by another. Isn’t this the fundamental idea behind our system of commerce?

Business is not meant merely to sustain life, it is to cause life to flourish.

A book is like a chicken sandwich.

In 1961 the owner of a small diner began tinkering with a recipe for a new chicken sandwich. From those humble origins the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain was born. The world did not need a new type of sandwich. Nevertheless, millions of people have had their lives enriched by the food and service of Chick-fil-A team members over the years. In addition, tens of thousands of lives have been sustained through employment with Chick-fil-A.

None of those outcomes could have been predicted when Truett Cathy was tinkering with his recipe. We can’t truly know the value of a thing until we bring it into the world. No matter what the cook thinks, the diner gets to decide if she likes the dish.

If this website is like a restaurant, then words are the food. For the past several months I’ve been tinkering with a new recipe. Today I’m pleased to introduce my new “chicken sandwich”. I’ve written a short ebook that I think is good, but I won’t really know until you try it and see.

Will you help me bring something new into the world? Will you try my new ebook and let me know if you like it?


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Gwen May 10, 2012 at 1:45 pm

Step, I read the E-book and was very impressed with it!

Sometimes we need to read for work; sometimes for pleasure. And then there are those times we need to read to replenish the soul. This little book is a “soul replenish-er”. Thank you for putting it out there.


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