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No Anything Other Than…

by Step on June 16, 2012

Order or chaos. Confusion or clarity. Rest or fatigue. Disappointment or delight. Comfort or pain.

Choosing between good and bad is easy.

Friends or family. Sleeping in or seeing the sunrise. Barbecue or catfish. Exercise or ice cream. Movie or book.

How do you choose between good and good?

At the golf course one thing takes priority. No walking, skating, jogging, biking, pets, or anything else. If it isn’t golf, it doesn’t happen here.

By choosing to make a good place for golf, they are trusting us to make places for everything else.

What is your one priority?

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Mike Meinecke July 15, 2012 at 7:37 am

Hi Step,

My one priority is to “seek the kingdom of God, and His righteousness”. Like the preacher of Ecclesiastes, I’ve discovered first hand that all else is vanity. Nothing temporal satisfies. Family, friends, career, comforts, luxuries, hobbies, entertainment, music, art, science, drunken debauchery, ….all vanity. I have never derived any lasting happiness from any of these things.

My 30 year experiment with the things of this world was simply a quest for what used to be my one priority in life: the attainment of the ever elusive state of true (and lasting) happiness. When I finally and fully changed my one priority from happiness in this life to holiness in this life (seeking the kingdom of God, and His righteousness) I began to experience some degree of peace and joy, even though my lack of “happy-clappy” happiness was/is still with me.

True holiness in this life…unattainable. True happiness in a fallen universe…also unattainable. But, seeking ONLY the kingdom of God, and His righteousness brings peace and joy from the Holy Spirit. The quest for happiness brings despair. This has been my experience.

Happiness can wait until the Lord takes me home, or comes again in all His glory. Oh how I long for the day my pilgrimage through this life ends. No more struggle with sin….no more sorrow…no more unfulfilling labor for bare sustenance…no more problems with my fellow sinners…only abundant life that I can’t even begin to appreciate.

Unhappiness in this life…..what a blessing! Because of unhappiness in this life, I truly long for “the grace that is to come”. Because of unhappiness in this life, I’m able to better appreciate and embrace the promises of God. Because of unhappiness in this life I’ve experienced true peace and joy in this life! My total disillusionment with this life has brought me closer to God. I know what it is to experience the presence of God, and the power for living He provides. All my spiritual progress has resulted from a loving heavenly Father wisely deciding that even the faintest hope of earthly happiness would be injurious to my soul.

Happiness?? Lord, forgive me for ever seeking happiness, rather than Your kingdom. You are my God, my Creator. I exist only for Your glory. Take my life, bought with the precious blood of Jesus; and accomplish your will in me and through me, regardless of how that might affect my happiness. I know that nothing can happen to me in this life that is as bad as I deserve. Strengthen me, O Lord, with the joy and peace that only You can give, as I abandon my quest for happiness and follow You.

Thank you Almighty God my Father for the eternal happiness that awaits me when I see my Lord Jesus. Thank you also for loving me enough to deny me happiness in this life. Amen.

Mike Meinecke


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