Art, Old Houses, and The Dilemma of A Book Review

April 11, 2012
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  Old Houses I believe in the value of old houses. I live in an old house, in a town filled with old houses. Their value is not in a superior ability to repel the weather, resist termites, or retain heat.  (My utility bills and leaky roof prove otherwise!)  An old house is a physical […]

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The Essence of Effectiveness

March 2, 2012
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Sarah Clarkson is a freelance writer who spent time studying literature in Oxford. She tells the story of stumbling into a group of village bell-ringers just as they set about their work. On the wall of the tiny room inside their bell tower, hung this prayer: “Gracious Lord, source of all skill and beauty, who […]

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1 Down, 11 To Go!

January 31, 2012
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See that? That thing we just whizzed by was the first mile-marker on this twelve-mile trip. Don’t snooze, it’s going quickly.

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Life & Work

November 30, 2011

Gluckstadt, Mississippi is a commodity of a place. Its only obvious value is its proximity to Jackson. For most of my life it has been just another exit off I-55. My in-laws moved there though, and it became the setting of two of the most significant moments of my life. Last Thanksgiving my family and […]

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What's with the crickets?

October 11, 2011

Sooo…that was an awkward silence. Even with only a handful of readers I thought I’d get a little pushback after my last post. Not that I’m trying to be a sensationalist but don’t you think it was a bit bleak? Maybe I didn’t do a good enough job. I believe our current culture of work […]

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